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Tracking mobile advertising intelligence from entire network to gain insight into the trends of industry, competing products and media buying.

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Data covers 47+ countries and regions, 20+ global and 80+ domestic media, accumulatively included 800 million+ materials.

Analyze Competitive Strategy

Estimate the advertisement conversion and analyze the competitive strategy through big data and AI.

Insight of Media Buying Trend

Real-time tracking across the entire network, obtain latest promotion intelligence and market trends.


Get Insight into Domestic Mobile Advertising Trends

Access industry-wide Ad intelligence with just one click.
  • Ad creatives over 29+ industries for inspiration.
  • Adjust strategy to increase Ad performance.
  • Explore latest market trends and optimize budget.
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Identify Propular Ads
  • Ad ranking of Apps/Mobile Games/Brands/Leads.
  • Exclusive algorithm model accurately estimate the activity, quality and conversion index of the Ads.
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Help Advertisers to Conquer the Overseas Market

Insight into Global Buying Trends
  • Covering 47 countries/regions and 24 global media.
  • Improve the production of multilingual creatives.
  • Explore competitiors' global promotion strategies.
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Marketing Intelligence & Industry Trends
  • All-rounded analysis by Top Apps and charts.
  • Real-time ranking of App From China.
  • Media buying trends conduce to game selection, research and development.
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With the help of AppGrowing, we are able to catch up with the latest media buying trend which improves advertising effectiveness and customer acquisition.

Advertising Agency

AppGrowing fetches massive creatives and trends which helps expanding horizon and broadening space of thinking.

App Advertiser

Through AppGrowing, users are able to obtain popular creatives and market competitive intelligence, and stick to the best advertising strategy.

Advertiser of Healthcare Industry

To deal with the unknown when exploring the oversea market, AppGrowing provides us a better understanding of target segments, media feature and Ad creatives styles.

An Overseas Mobile Game Advertiser

The cultural creativity industry is develop globally, AppGrowing gives insight of market trends which improve marketing efficiency and overcome new challenges.

App Advertiser

Through AppGrowing's research on the change of the "target" investment amount, the rationality of its marketing strategy and the sustainability of its development are further analyzed.

Advertiser of Healthcare Industry

Cooperation Case

  • 百度
  • 爱奇艺
  • 58同城
  • 阿里巴巴
  • 知乎
  • 品众互动
  • 盟聚
  • 优矩互动
  • 陌陌
  • 映客
  • 酷狗
  • 华润三九
  • 卡数科技
  • 中国银河证券
  • 君海游戏
  • 昆仑万维
  • 网易游戏
  • 猎豹移动
  • BIGO
  • 元气森林
  • 欧诗漫
  • 省广集团
  • 汤臣倍健
  • babycare

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