App Growing Mobile Advertising Intelligence Analysis

Intelligent advertising data analysis, accurate exposure, click, conversion and other data estimation.

Dig deep into the operation behind the advertisement.

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Top Apps

Master the Ad intelligence of the industry, analyze the media and budget ratio.

Comprehensive analysis of advertising creatives, learning marketing strategies of similar Apps.

Comprehensive analysis of Ad Descriptions to grasp the core keywords of popular copywriting.

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Top Apps

Top Developers

Understand the main products of the industry, and adjust advertising and marketing strategies in time.

Comprehensively analyze the distribution of advertisers' budgets and identify potential customers.

Gain insight into the overall market data and grasp the latest trends in the industry.

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Top Developers

Traffic Ranking of Media

Choose the best fit by familiarizing with the Ad style of various media.

Analyze the audience of the media and optimize the Ad performance.

Gain insight into the monetization trend of media and changes in the mobile advertising market.

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Traffic Ranking of Media

App Growing Advantages of Mobile Advertising Intelligence Analysis


Advertising Data Estimation

High-accuracy intelligent algorithms estimate Ad exposure, clicks, conversions and cost, and indicators such as Ad activity index help you find the high-quality creatives.


Advertising Trend Analysis

Through the analysis of the advertiser's promotion time and intensity, find out the operating strategy.


Media Analysis

Covering 40+ advertising media in China, comprehensively and objectively analyzing the proportion of App advertising and the composition of advertisers on each media.


Advertising Creative Analysis

Analysis of popular words in Ad Descriptions, as well as Ad forms and Ad creative types, providing a more comprehensive insight into competitors' strategy.